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Motorhome or Living Van - What MOT do you need?

Even within the MOT testing trade there can also sometimes be some confusion over the type of MOT test that your motorhomes could be subject to.

Motorhome MOT

Motorhomes are registered with the body type 'motor caravan'. Although this description was, in the past, applied relatively loosely both the DVLA and VOSA have, recently, been applying the regulations more rigidly.

Motor caravans are not classed as goods vehicles for MOT testing purposes falling into class IV or V depending on seating capacity regardless of their size or weight.

Motor caravans are subject to an annual Class 4 MOT test from 3 years old.

Living Van MOT

Living vans are classed as goods vehicles and, depending on their weight, are classed as IV or VII within the MOT test scheme or subject to HGV plating and testing.

There are also weight considerations as living vans upto 3000kg dgw (design gross weight) require a class IV test with the first MOT required on the third anniversary of first registration.

Living Vans over 3000kg and upto 3500kg fall into Class VII requiring an annual MOT test also from its third year of registration.

Living van conversions

Another consideration is whether your motorhome has been converted to carry a small car or motor cylce. If so it could be classed as a goods vehicle and, if over 3500kg gvw (gross vehicle weight,) it would be subject to a HGV MOT test every year from new.

It can be confusing so make sure you are aware of any changes that you might make could change the required MOT certification.

Dalziels MOT Centre can help and advise you of the correct test your vehicle needs. Contact us now on 0131 554 5909 and make sure!


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