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Correct alignment helps reduce tyre wear and improve your fuel consumption

Proper Wheel alignment is important and should be checked frequently. Good alignment is important for even tyre wear as well as accurate steering.

The principle function of your car's suspension and steering system is to allow the wheels to move independently from the car, while keeping it "suspended" and stable and its alignment is strongly linked with the health of the suspension and steering system.

Any kind of play or uncontrolled motion within the suspension system makes for a degeneration of handling in addition to more rapid tyre wear.

Without proper alignment and when pointing in different directions, even a little, they fight one another and will lead to unnecessary tread wear.

When not aligned perfectly it not only leads to excessive tyre wear, it also increases your vehicle's fuel consumption.

Misalignment can happen for a variety of reasons including weak springs, bent spindle, bent strut or other faults with the undercarriage.

Potholes and bad road surfaces

Hitting road hazards can also easily knock suspension and steering components out of alignment.

It's becoming a more frequent criticism notably after periods of exceptionally bad weather we seem to be having to deal with more regularly.

Good alignment keeps the wheels pointing in the correct direction

Your car or vehicle is considered to be properly aligned when all suspension and steering components are sound and when the tyre wheel assemblies are running straight and true.

Getting your car serviced regularly by Dalziels Garage is the fist step to better alignment, longer tyre life and lower petrol costs. And, with continually rising costs that's a good start!


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